(Transcribed by David Tribe, Tracey Howie and others)

Name Meaning
Akuna Bay ‘’flowing water’’, place of water’’
Allambie ‘’to remain a while’’
Barrenjoey, Barrenjuee, Barranju, Barranjull, Barrenjo, Barenja Various spellings of Barrenjoey meaning ‘’young kangaroo’’
Berowra “place of many winds”
Bilgola Name derived from the Aboriginal term belgoula meaning ‘’swirling waters’’. The area was originally known as belgoula
Bobbin Head From an Aboriginal word meaning ‘’place of smoke’’ or ‘’smoky place’’
Bouddi ‘’heart’’, ‘’nose’’, ‘water breaking over rocks’’
Bugewoi ‘’young grass’’
Bumble ‘’native orange’’
Canna, Kun-na, Kunna Place Name for North Harbour or Manly
Careel Bay Was originally known as kareela meaning ‘’south wind’’
Church Point This place was called whurrawhurra
Coal and Candle Creek This place was called kollaar kandahl which means ‘’long narrow place’’
Collaroy ‘’long swamp reed’ ’long reed which grows in swamps’’, ‘’junction of two creeks”
Cowan ‘’uncle’’ or ‘big water’’ or ‘’mountain’’. Carracyanya is the name of the ridge between Berowra Waters and Cowan Creek
Curl Curl is derived from the Aboriginal phrase curial curial meaning ‘’river of life’’
Elanora ‘’camp by the sea’’
Gurugal or Garugal Place name for West Head
Kay-ye-my Place Name for Manly Cove or North Harbour. Also Kyeemagh means ‘’beautiful dawn’’
Narrabeen ’source of fresh water’’
Narraweena ‘’a quiet place in the hills’’
Patonga ‘’oysters’’, ‘’small wallaby’’
Turimetta Beach Local Aboriginal clan or family name. ‘’etta’’ was part of a family name.
Warringah ‘’sign of rain’’